Diamond Drilling at Shoreham Airport

Project Name: Diamond Drilling at Shoreham Airport

Client: Shoreham Airport – Cox Powertrain.

Completed Work: Diamond Drilling.

Project Date: August 2018.

Whilst Shoreham Airport are installing new services within their outboard motors facility at the Cox Powertrain we were asked to provide diamond drilling services.

We were instructed to diamond core out some large holes in some concrete block work to enable service engineers to fit air conditioning services. 

Brighton City Airport, commonly known as Shoreham Airport, is the oldest continuous licensed airport in the UK.

The airport is incredibly busy with around 50,000 movements per year. They are open 7 days per week, have 4 runways (including grass and tarmac), 6 helipads, and provide ATC and full fire cover during hours of operation.

These are all considerations we had to keep in mind during our planning and time on site.

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We require water when diamond drilling to assist with the cutting process. The problem we had here is that water was not on site, so we had to arrange to take our own water supply which we could then pump to the required locations.


As is the case on many sites, the program was very tight and we only had a 2-day windows in which to carry out the works before air conditioning plants were to be fitted.

We were able to increase our own man-power and other resources to meet the clients’ requirements and the deadline of the program.