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Repointing brickwork is a task that requires skill to do the job correctly. We use various methods and materials depending on the individual property.

What Does It Involve?

Archers carry out all forms of brick work repair including replacement, stitching, stabilisation, repointing, resin bonding and remedial wall ties. Whatever repairs are needed, you can be assured that they will be in keeping with the existing property style.

We recommend the replacement of bricks with new or reclaimed options where the bricks are damaged or spalled. We do our utmost to ‘match’ the existing bricks in every respect – size, strength, colour, texture and where possible the degree of weathering.

How Can We Help?

Some of our past projects have included window head repairs and cavity tray replacement on all balconies at the East and West tower blocks in Worthing in West Sussex. We’ve also completed work at the Tungsten Factory in Shoreham in East Sussex.

Following three unsuccessful attempts by other contractors to match the brick and mortar colours of the repairs which were necessary at Cornwall Court in Hove, Sussex, we were commissioned to remove the previous repairs. With a little time, care, and effort, our staff were able to successfully match up the repairs to the satisfaction of both the lease holders and the surveyors (WM Priors of Brighton).

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Benefits To You

Our specialised service in alterations and repairs helps to achieve the highest standard of work.
With a wealth of experience and good links with reclamation yards, we are able to undertake any form of brickwork repair project.

Example Images

Images 1 – 3 = Due to water penetration, Archer Specialist Treatments were instructed to take down and rebuild this huge 5m high chimney stack at Brighton College, ensuring all measured details were recorded and the re-build was to the exact same measurements.

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