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The cleaning of masonry facades, whether of stone, brick or terrracotta, is the most visible aspect of building conservation work.

We use chemical cleaning on very heavily soiled brick and stonework to remove the build up of carbon deposits, moss, algae, lichen, overflow and gutter defect staining.

What Can You Clean?

We are able to sympathetically clean both new and old buildings in removing excess mortar, staining, paint, splashes and efflorescence on brick, masonry and outer wall panelling.

Lime weeping is caused by water leaking through the concrete and dissolving calcium hydroxide from the matrix. On contact with the atmosphere the calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate

Archers undertakes external façade cleaning of buildings using its team of fully trained and experienced operatives.

How Can We Help?

We can also provide controlled low volume, high pressure cleaning.

Neglect and pollution are the principal reasons that many building façades start to suffer over the years, distracting from the original architectural features.

This environmentally friendly, chemical free method can be used on sensitive substructures by means of a continuous wall of water vapour atomised through a series of nozzles. The effect is to draw the dirt and carbon deposits to the surface which is then washed down to remove all latent deposits.

external facade cleaning
environmentally friendly
chemical free

Benefits To You

Using our professional, high pressure cleaning techniques and various environmentally friendly processes we are able to restore all buildings and their facades to their original beautiful condition.

Archer Specialist Treatments provides a professional service with extensive knowledge of cleaning various surfaces using the latest equipment available on the market.

Example Images

Images 1 and 2 = On this 6 year old new build in Copyhold Lane in Cuckfield in Sussex, you can clearly see the new concrete patio construction is still leaking lime which is slowly travelling down the face of the new brick work causing very unsightly staining. Archer Specialist Treatments Ltd were called in as specialists to advise and clean. We were pleased to assist and did so by incorporating the careful use of a specialist cleaning compound.

Image 3 = We were called in by the Cygnet group to advise and carry out full cleaning of the whole of the front and side elevation together with applying a water proofing system to the reconstituted stone façade thereby bringing the commercial building back to its former glory.

Looking For Brick or Stonework Cleaning?
Whether your property is a newer or older building, we can provide controlled low volume, high pressure cleaning.