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Basement tanking

Cellars and basements that are below ground are susceptible to penetrating damp (not to be confused with Rising Damp). When water has penetrated through the walls, waterproofing becomes necessary.

What is Tanking?

The waterproofing of basements and cellars is otherwise known as Basement Tanking which involves installing a completely waterproof membrane over a masonry surface to prevent water from entering to give full protection.

Penetrating damp is found where the internal floor levels are below the external ground level, more typically in a basement.

The installation of a waterproof tanking system applied to the internal walls is necessary to restore the room to a habitable condition. The process is quite able to cope with the wettest of walls and resist high levels of water pressure, yet still allows water vapour diffusion through the wall. The rendered walls can be finished with a set coat of plaster in the normal way.

Basement waterproofing

Archers are specialists and experts in basement and cellar tanking (and other wet rooms). Our surveyor, Paul Halliwell, has a full understanding of the nationally recognised code BS8102 which is the code of practice for waterproofing below ground and is a Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW).

This is an important consideration for any person considering a basement or cellar conversion. Any company not holding this certification should be avoided at all costs!

experienced surveyor
fully waterproof
CSSW certified

Benefits To You

By working with Archers to waterproof your property, we can perform a variety of activities including, but not limited to sealing cracks in the foundation, installing a sump pump, and installing a drainage system to divert ground water, all of which are very effective in preventing basement floods.

This will result in a healthier home environment, a new habitable living space, lower heating and cooling costs, prevention of structural damage, and in some cases a reduction in costs of insurance claims in relation to water damage.

Example Images

Images 1 and 2 = Water proofing of a commercial shop refurbishment to create a dry shop area to archways at Brighton Sea Front using the cavity membrane system.

Images 3 and 4 = The Dene Abinger Hammer basement conversion. Before and after shots of the conversion of a wet basement to a habitable room incorporating the use of Triton cavity drain system with full sump and pump.

Images 5 and 6 = After construction of a high end domestic dwelling in Sittingborne, the developer found that the external waterproofing installed by the ground workers had failed around the swimming pool section of the build. Archer Specialist Treatments were instructed to attend and provided technical input together with a workable solution to create a dry habitable area.

Images 7 and 8 = Before and after images of the creation of a usable space in a barn conversation where a wet lower-level semi-basement was converted to a dry usable/habitable kitchen area incorporating the use of a Cavity membrane system in High Street, Lindfield.

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