Goodwood Water Proofing

Project Name: Goodwood Race Course Water Proofing.
Client: Goodwood Race Course.

Completed Work: Water Proofing.

Project Date: 2 February 2017.

Archers completed water proofing work and incorporating the P8 cavity drainage system in the March Stand at Goodwood Race Course.


This work was completed in conjunction with the main contractor Halycon Homes Ltd of Prinsted.


Following numerous successful contracts at Goodwood, we were asked to attend and advise on the various methods that could be used to control water ingress from the grand stand steps to an area below which was planned for use as habitable office space.


Following careful consideration, we recommended that a Cavity drain type system be used, which under BS8102:2009 – ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground’ classifies this type of system as a Type C.


As such, it is recognised as the most reliable and most readily maintainable system. Our advice and specification of works was followed and adhered to, and we therefore achieved the clients brief and the usable office accommodation is now in use.


Goodwood knew from our previous interactions that we were more than capable of handling this brief and we were more than happy to provide the solution they needed.


The three timeline photos in the top right show how unused spaces under the March stand at Goodwood Race Course can be used to create dry habitable / commercially usable space following the installation of the Cavity drain membrane water proof system.

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The client needed to control water ingress from the grand stand steps to an area that was being considered as habitable office space.


Archers knew the drainage system that would be best suited to the situation and were able to advise accordingly, resulting the area now being usable as office space as intended.