National Rail Station repairs

Project Name: Station repairs.
Client: National Rail.

Completed Work: Concrete repairs and chemical damp proofing.

Project Date: 2001 – present.

We were asked by National Rail to complete repairs on a number of their stations.

At Bognor Station we carried out concrete repairs on the structure of the building.

While at Hurst Green Station we completed chemical damp proofing.

Archers also applied chemical damp proofing at Lewisham Station in London.


British rail require very high standards of professionalism, duty of care and health and safety due to works normally being in such close proximity to the general public.


To ensure that Archer Specialist Treatments complies with all of the relevant legislation and to ensure smooth running of all of our contracts, we employ the services of an independent Health & Safety company to periodically attend sites and advise. We also ask that they update us and our processes accordingly which is of paramount importance when working with clients of this standing.


Whether it means working outside of normal hours, or employing strict legislation, Archers will ensure that the general public to not experience any major disruptions. The successful operation of all of our contracts is of paramount importance to us and we know how important this is to everyone we work with.

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National rail expects very high standards when working at their stations, no matter what work is being completed.


Archers works with an independent health and safety company so that both ourselves and our clients can rest assured that our practices are always completed with the highest professionalism, consideration to the public, and duty of care.