What Services Can a Damp Specialist Provide?

If you’ve noticed signs of damp in your home, you may be searching for a reliable damp specialist to provide the correct treatment. Once you have identified any signs of damp in your property, it’s important to get in touch with a damp specialist as soon as possible. Issues from damp can affect any type of building, leading to mould problems and timber decay which can threaten the structural integrity of your building.

You may be surprised to find that damp specialists, such as Archers, often provide a number of other services in addition to damp treatment, and you can contact them for a number of different issues. Often, dampness in the home can lead to further issues that need to be treated with importance, such as wet and dry rot or structural issues within your building. Below, we discuss some of the services that damp specialists, including ourselves, provide.

Rising damp treatment

As discussed above, if you’ve noticed any signs of dampness in your home, it’s important to ensure that the damp is treated as soon as possible to prevent any further issues from developing. Not only is damp unsightly and unpleasant to smell, but it is also unhealthy to be around and can lead to a number of different respiratory issues.

Rising damp affects the walls of buildings and occurs when moisture from the ground travels up through the bricks and mortar by capillary action. If rising damp is not treated correctly, it can cause wood to rot and lead to structural damage over time. Rising damp is often characterised by yellow or brown tide marks appearing on your wall above the skirting, as well as powdery white salt deposits.

Damp specialists can provide suitable and effective treatment solutions for rising damp. Injecting a silicone based chemical into the wall through a series of small holes is one of the most effective and economical forms of damp treatment. This creates a water-repellent barrier within the wall and stops rising damp from returning. If you are experiencing damp in your home, a damp specialist will be able to provide you with the correct treatment.

Wood rot treatment

Damp walls can lead to wet and dry rot, which can destroy the structural strength of your timber if left untreated. Other causes of wet and dry rot include a lack of sub floor ventilation, leaking pipe work, showers, baths, sinks, guttering or poorly maintained roofs.

Dry rot is the most serious and dangerous form of fungal decay and can spread and destroy a large majority of the timber in a building, which is why it should be treated as soon as possible. Wet rot is a more common form of fungal decay and is confined to the area where timber is damp. Both forms of wood destroying decay can cause major structural damage and need to be treated with urgency and importance.

A reliable company that specialises in damp treatment will be able to identify the type of wood rot present in your building and treat it appropriately. Damp specialists can identify the source of moisture and stop the cause of damp. In most cases, wet rot can be stopped by treating the timber with a fungicide. In some cases, the affected timbers may need to be replaced.

When treating dry rot, the full extent of the dry rot outbreak needs to be determined by a specialist to properly treat it. To do this, the affected area needs to be opened up by removing plaster and render in all directions, as well as lifting floorboards and removing the flooring.

Following this, all fruiting bodies and visible spores need to be removed and the timber should be replaced with pre-treated timber. If you have noticed the signs of wet or dry rot in your property, get in touch with a damp specialist, such as Archers, today.

Cellar/basement tanking

Many damp specialists also provide cellar or basement tanking wall services. Cellar tanking is essentially waterproofing a cellar or basement to ensure that it is protected from the elements and creates a habitable space. Waterproofing a cellar or basement is important to ensure that your property is protected from water damage, which can lead to a number of issues.

Cellars and basements are below ground, and therefore they are more susceptible to penetrating damp. To ensure that there is no damp in your basement and to make the space habitable and comfortable, it’s important that your cellar or basement is waterproofed if you are converting it. Damp specialists can apply a membrane or coating to the inside or outside of the structure, making the basement watertight and preventing water from entering the space.

Timber resin repairs

Timber resin repairs are carried out to repair or strengthen timber within a building. Identifying whether or not you need a timber resin repair can be difficult, which is why it is important to seek the assistance of a professional. Timbers in the structure of your building may have deteriorated due to fungal decay or insect infestations, and repairs are often required on beam ends, bowed or cracked joists or beams.

Damp affected timbers will soon start to rot and lose their structural integrity, which is why it is important that they are repaired as soon as possible. Many damp specialist companies offer cost-effective timber resin repair services, which focus on repairing the damaged area instead of replacing the entire timber structure.

Concrete repairs

Over time, concrete can deteriorate. This can be down to uncontrollable environmental factors such as rain, cold temperatures and snow, or errors during construction such as poor workmanship or incorrect mix ratios. When concrete begins to deteriorate, it’s important that it is repaired to ensure that it is still strong and structurally reliable.

Many damp specialist companies offer concrete repairs, repairing cracks and providing protective coatings to extend the life of a concrete structure. These high-quality protective coatings and repairs can prolong the life of a structure and improve the quality and protection of concrete.

Archers Specialist Treatments Ltd: your local reliable damp company

At Archers Specialist Treatments Ltd, we are damp, timber and dry rot specialists. We provide quality damp courses, timber treatment, cellar tanking services, a range of construction and building services and more. We are a family-owned company founded in 2001 and pride ourselves on delivering restoration services, timber treatment, concrete repairs, damp proofing and more.

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No job is too big or too small for the professional and skilled team at Archers. We have a wide range of skills within our specialised workforce, ensuring that each and every one of our clients receives the solutions that they require. When you contact us, you can rest assured that you are speaking to a fully qualified surveyor who can offer you invaluable advice and solutions.

Whether you’re in the process of renovating a property or you’re buying or selling a house, the team at Archers Specialist Treatments Ltd have got you covered with our high-quality solutions and treatments. For more information about our services, simply visit our website or get in touch with us today.