All you Need to Know About Woodworm

No matter how clean and tidy your home is, bugs can still find their way in, and when they do, they often cause havoc. Your home should be a place that’s safe, comfortable and pest-free, so never ignore any signs of infestation, as it’s likely the problem will only progress further. If you think you’ve found signs of woodworm in your home, it’s important that you get clued up on all you need to know. Read on for a mini-guide on woodworm.

What is woodworm?

Woodworm is a wood-eating larvae that is part of the beetle family. They are most active between May and September when a female beetle will lay her eggs into an area of wood. When the larvae hatch, they will burrow their way through the wood which they’ll feed on until they emerge as adult beetles.

Where does woodworm appear?

Woodworm can appear in all areas of the home, and identifying it early will prevent further damage. Infestations can appear in wooden skirting, door frames, flooring, beams and old furniture. It is important to know that not all woodworm is dangerous, however, if left untreated, it can lead to severe structural damage in your home or workplace.

Common signs of woodworm include:

  • Exit holes – typically around 2mm and 5mm in size, you’ll be able to spot these in areas of the wood
  • Bore dust – you may spot areas of dust which are produced by the beetle as it chews through the wood. This usually looks like a very fine wood shaving
  • Tunnels – just as woodworm tunnel their way into wood via holes, they also make visible pathways that can be seen on the surface of a wooden surface

How is woodworm treated?

A professional woodworm expert will be able to identify the type of woodworm that’s present, and establish which treatment is best. Typically, a  treatment spray will be used that will kill the bugs on contact. However, each infestation is different and depending on the scale,  a different type of treatment may be more suitable.

If woodworm is affecting your home, you’ll need a professional service that can sort the problem easily. Here at Archer Treatments, based in Sussex, we use the latest solutions to eradicate woodworm and stop the problem from recurring.  As one of the most reliable companies in the area, get in touch today and experience our excellent customer service for yourself.