Benefits of Exterior Masonry Cleaning

Exterior Masonry Cleaning

Maintaining the exterior of a building can pay off in more way than one. With regular maintenance, thorough cleaning and strategic repairs, you can add years to the life of your building, keep tenants happy and prevent more costly damage.

The brick, limestone or marble that adorns your building’s facade or walls can become vulnerable. Over time these materials can crack, or break off leaving you with an unsightly building.

Repairs and restorations benefit your building by providing better structural integrity, preventing a costly and possibly dangerous situation where bricks fall to the pavement below, for example.

Additionally, restoring the masonry on your building will provide better curb appeal to attract new tenants or simply enhance the appearance of the building to improve value. Masonry repairs can also help your building improve its weather resistance, preventing water damage that can be expensive to fix.

Exterior Masonry Cleaning

Whether it’s your building’s walls, the pavement or the car park, you’re competing with a number of environmental factors to present a clean, professional building. Oil, mould, pollution, dirt, gum, and spray paint can all make your building look dirty or old.

Keep these forces at bay by regularly cleaning your building and surrounding areas.

By removing mould, algae and dirt, power washing also allows your building to last as long as possible. Masonry cleaning can prevent the elements that lead to rot, deterioration and other damage that would require expensive repairs.