Basement Tanking or Basement Waterproofing


We’re frequently asked the difference between ‘tanking’ and ‘waterproofing’ when people are looking to convert a basement or cellar into a dry space.

Commonly, these terms are used in a general sense to describe installing products with the intention of keeping the basement or cellar dry. However ‘basement tanking’ and ‘basement waterproofing’ can also specifically relate to different types of waterproofing.

Understanding Tanking

Basement Tanking describes the application of a membrane or coating to the inside or the outside of the structure to stop water entering the habitable space of the property – so essentially making the basement watertight.

Understanding Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing is the general term for all forms, or methods of waterproofing that can be used to keep the basement or cellar dry, manage water seeping into the property and move it away.

What Are My Options?

It depends on your situation, but Archers are here to help you work out the best solution fro you and your property.

  • Option 1 – a Cavity Drain System, comprising of waterproof membranes, drainage, pumping and control systems to manage water entering the property and to .safely remove it
  • Option 2 – a Tanking Membrane, Coating or Slurry to hold back the ground water from entering the building.
  • Option 3 – a combination of the two for maximum protection – which should be considered if the structure is very porous and so at risk of allowing too much water to enter for the Cavity Drain System to deal with.

In all cases, the flow of water should be stemmed as much as possible.

We provide a specialist basement tanking solution.

Please contact us if you require any further information or advice as to the best approach for your project. We ensure the safest installation of our services and associated guarantees.

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